Sunday, February 09, 2014


Sincerely I never been a big fan of mantras and procedural practices. I been a few times at a local buddhist center for their meditation sessions. I like group meditation but their mantras about dragons and evils to me was a an utter nonsense.
With ho’oponopono it’s drastically different. I am very practical person and had to try everything on myself. I don’t mind to accept 100% responsibility for stuff or doing mantras as long as I’d see a positive results in my life. I don’t buy promises of salvation in the next life. I want to see results here and now – and better sooner than later or I’ll say “thank you” and move over to the next teaching. And ho’oponopono practice literally did a magic to me, my life, my family and my surroundings.
I stumbled over Dr. Hew Len’s saying “I didn’t heal them, I healed part of myself that created them…” at one of the lowest points in my life. This phase grasped my attention and forced me to read everything about Ho’oponopono. It just made such perfect sense to my miserable depressed mind. And of course I tried to practice it. What followed for me was literally miraculous.


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