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You are the one who ate the junk food.
You are the one who didn’t say no!
You are the one who took the job.
You are the one who stayed in the job.
You are the one who chose to believe them.
You are the one who ignored your intuition.
You are the one who abandoned your dream.
You are the one who bought it.
You are the one who didn’t take care of it.
You are the one who decided you had to do it alone
You are the one who trusted him.
You are the one who said yes to the dogs.
In short, you thought the thoughts, you created the feelings, you made
the choice, you said the words, and that’s why you are where you are now.

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28 načina da budete sretni i zdravi

1. Energetski očistite stan. Kao što usisavate i brišete prašinu, očistite stan od negativnih misli, emocija i vanjskih utjecaja. Za to možete koristiti svijeće (da spalite negativnost), tamjan, vodu odstajalu na suncu kojom ćete pošpricati stan, sol (koja upija negativnu energiju), zvona, tibetsku zdjelu, duhovnu glazbu s CD-a...

2. Učinite što i Oprah Winfrey - pokrenite lanac ljubaznosti. U njemu svaki gledatelj mora učiniti nešto lijepo za nekog. Što maštovitije, to bolje, a najbolje je nekome tko to ne očekuje. Voleći druge, volimo sebe, a njegujući odnose, njegujemo dobrotu i stvaramo ljepši svijet. Kada mogu drugi, možete i vi.

3. Zaboravite misli "Što ako". Kada vas uhvati panika, svjesno zamislite ugodnu sliku, pozitivno formuliran cilj koji želite postići. I osjetit ćete mir koji donosi ispunjenje.

4. Napravite popis NE. Stvari koje više ne želite u životu, koje vam kradu energiju i iscrpljuju vas. Otkrit ćete koliko toga možete promijeniti i koliko slobodnog vremena ste rasipali, a koje od sada možete posvetiti sebi.

5. Redovito "čistite" očekivanja prema sebi. Vi ste ljudsko biće i trebate ih ograničiti na ono što možete postići i što ovisi o vama. Ne gubite energiju sada zbog onoga što se može dogoditi u budućnosti.

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The last day in Colorno.
Off to Florence!

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Practice makes perfect!

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Filipa was delighted to have met him.

was the first Italian chief to be awarded the Michelin Guide's top three stars, in 1985. 
He is considered by many to be the pioneer of modern Italian cuisine.

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Each wheel of cheese is 700 euros.
There are 15.000 wheels in this cheese treasury.

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"There is no secret here, towards the end of each note you hear (assuming your wearing earphones), upon the heightening of the frequency so too is your central cortex stimulated". - Professor Chris Thorpe BM, MRCP, FRCs. 
 It somewhat 'guarantees' to influence positivity throughout the mind, creating a bond between the brain and the central nervous system whilst stimulating the pineal gland. Research is still being carried out but to date 98.7% of people tested have reported a very noticeable or drastic increase in confidence and positivity after only listening to this track once. However Professor Thorpe urges people to listen to it on a regular basis, for at least a week before noticing what he describes as a, "Profound understanding of yourself, along with a deeper understanding of the world around you." He then goes on to say, "the mind can only be cleared once it understands itself and the space within, however this can take time, listening to this audio track once-a-day for a week should be sufficient in giving clear results. There are different parts of the brain the frequencies within the audio masking stimulate - the left, the right and the central cortex, the frontal lobe is also key here. That is why we recommend wearing headphones to achieve optimal results, the eyes must also be closed." Research undertaken in Birmingham, UK, 2012. 987 people out of 1000 tested claimed moderate to extreme positive psychological results after hearing this track just once. © Rainford Studios Media

The Secrets Of Vibration (528 Hz) - Hidden truths of sound! - Law Of Attraction -Part 1
John Lennon performed "Imagine" in 528. Why? Because he "got," as we have--the opportunity of co-creating peace-on-earth, by musicially tuning to the "LOVE frequency. 528 Hertz is a frequency that is central to the "musical mathematical matrix of creation." More than any sound previously discovered, the "LOVE frequency" resonates at the heart of everything. It connects your heart, your spiritual essence, to the spiraling reality of heaven and earth.
1. The Solfeggio Scale promotes a musical scale based on the 528hz C as being the "holy" scale of God.
2. That the current musical standard (440hz A) was institutionalized by the Rockefeller Foundation and Joseph Goebbels.
3. That sound frequencies can effect cellular structure/DNA.
4. The frequency of 528hz (C) has the ability to heal DNA. p3 download!
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